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Xtreme Tuner Super Show

Show: Xtreme Tuner Super Show
When: August 28, 2004
Where: Chicago, IL @ McCormick Place
Time: 2pm-11pm
Registration: www.xtremetuner.com and through our staff at your local shows

This year some locals from Chicago are going to be bringing you a show that will be run the way you like it. We will be basing the show on more of the old school days that many of us preferred. Please check us out and let us know how you feel and what you would like to see. As we are all locals to Chicago and would like to make this one of the biggest shows in Chicago year after year with coverage growing only to help you the tuners.

We plan on featuring things to help the average tuner out and adding some things that we feel most of you in Chicago would prefer:

Judging: We feel we are answering the cry of many of you with the decision we have chosen. Basing our show on the good ole' days of our city we are bringing back the pioneers and some of the greatest people in our scene as we feel. This group was there in the beginning of HIN and Import Revolution and many of you know them as the elite few that can pull it off correctly in our city. We would like to THANK and RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCE that DECEPTIONS will be honoring us by taking the roll of judging and performing what they do so greatly in our city for you.

Coverage: We understand that many of you are out there for coverage. We all understand this is the basis of getting sponsored, so we are proud to announce that our show will be deffinately covered by many respectful companies. To name a few HCI/B Scene magazine will be at our show covering the night to put in their magazine. We will have online coverage from many places also like Chiride.com for example a chicago based site. Not to mention 360 Video and Reflex Media will be on the spot filming and helping all of you also with their great videos.

These are just a few of the reasons to come check us out. We are here to explain ourselves to the public and try to help as much as possible. We want to be different and feel this will be good and true to the average person. If you ask how many cars are showing we wont tell you 500 cars are going to be there like many shows do when only 120 cars show up. We will honestly give you what we have at the time and what our estimates are from talking to people like you.

As of right now the classes for our show will be (more to come depending on registration):

2Dr Mild 2Dr Wild 4Dr Mild 4Dr Wild
First Place $200 + Trophy
Second Place $100 + Trophy
Third Place $50 + Trophy
Fourth Place Trophy
Fifth Place Trophy

Best of Show $1500 + Trophy
Best Team $250 + Trophy
Best Team Representation/Participation $500 + Trophy
Best Interior $100 + Trophy
Best Display Presentation $100 + Trophy
Best Paint $100 + Trophy
Best Acura $100 + Trophy
Best Honda $100 + Trophy
Best European $100 + Trophy
Best Lexus $100 + Trophy
Best Toyota $100 + Trophy
Best Nissan $100 + Trophy
Best Mazda $100 + Trophy
Best Mitsubishi $100 + Trophy
Best Subaru $100 + Trophy
Best Domestic $100 + Trophy
Best SUV $100 + Trophy
Best JDM $100 + Trophy
Best Female/Girl Racer $100 + Trophy

New Bike Class
First Place $200 + Trophy
Second Place $100 + Trophy
Third Place $50 + Trophy
Fourth Place Trophy
Fifth Place Trophy
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