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WRX stole Nissan interior?

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I was just at the NY auto show and got to check out the Subaru WRX. Has anyone noticed that the door controls are all the same as our Sentra SE's? Also the "momo" steering wheel is EXACTLY the same as the Maxima SE!!! Did Nissan rebadge these parts or did Sub use Nissan's, or ??? Just a random thing I wanted to share with the rest of you...

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I noticed that too. :) That is either saying alot about the Nissan's, or not much about the WRX. hahaha. Overall, I felt the WRX was kinda el-cheapo on the interior. Definetly not deserving of the price tag.

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the inside of the Subaru Forester reminds me of the pathfinders.. Maybe they contract the same company to make the interior parts? just a guess

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i heard that nissan=subaru
they work together

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I believe Nissan owns a controlling share of Subaru. It may be the other way around, but they do a lot of part sharing. For example the K&N filter you throw in your sentra is the same as one you would throw in a Subaru

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