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Worthwhile Nissan Accessories?

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I am trying to get everyones' input on what they think of Nissan's accessories (rubber floormats, nose mask, micro air filter, trunk tray, wheel locks). Are any of them worth the money? Please include what you like and dislike about them and how much they cost. Thanks!!

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If you have a sun roof, I recommend getting the wind deflector. Cuts out quite a bit of noise.


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I second the thing about the wind deflector. It really does help a lot.

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Absolutely must get the wheel locks.

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I was thinking about getting the rubber floormats myself. Is there anywhere to get them online?
What are wheel locks?
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by twok1gxe:
I was thinking about getting the rubber floormats myself. Is there anywhere to get them online?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


wheel locks are lugnuts that take a special fitting to remove it. if you don't have it, the wheels are locked on.


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I have the Rubber floor mats. I was VERY glad I bought them. The carpeted floor mats are crap. These clean up easy, don't look bad in the interior, and don't interfere with the clutch pedal like my carpeted ones did.

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The rubber floor mats are a good idea! I have them... I keep them in all winter (road salt sucks) and put the cloth ones in the summer. I paid $55.00 at the dealer for all 4 mats. Definetly get them.

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if your gonna get the wheel locks go with an aftermarket wheel lock they run alot cheaper than nissan's does,,,Gorilla makes a really made wheel lock.....

I also bought a set of the rubber car mats the ones with those channels in it a must for the snow and I paid about $20.00 for the set and they look pretty good.....


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