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Wish I had a 6-speed...

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Does anyone else wish they had a 6-speed rather than a 5-speed? When I am cruising on the highway at 65-70, the engine is revving significantly higher (above 3000 RPM) than on my other car. It's nice having the extra passing power, but when I'm just cruising it always feels like I need to shift up when I'm in 5th. Even my dad made notice of this when borrowing my car, just wondering if anyone else out there felt the same thing?


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Same here. when I'm on the Hwy. my car feels like it can use a 6th gear. I'm doing like 130kmh at 4000rpm. 6th can help me save some gas...

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I've felt the same way at times, and even gone to reach for another gear, and then relize there isn't. I have just come to deal with it. I drive at 80+, so my engine is revving even higher, which is why I expect I get slightly lower gas milage than everyone else.

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You have to remember that this engine makes its HP up in the higher rpm band. At higher speeds you have a lot of power overcoming friction and wind resistance. The bottom line is that you need enough RPM's to make the HP required. Without the higher RPS's you put excessive loads on the bearings (bad thing). Nissan knows what they are doing.

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I would love a 6spd tranny. I drove the celica gts and it was nice. I don't care if it's just overdrive...it's a 6 spd!

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What do the automatics have????

Is it a 4 speed tranny with overdrive which is basically a 5-speed? am i right?????


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The autos (what I own), have 4 speeds w/overdrive, or rather the 4th gear is an overdrive gear.

I find it interesting ya'll with sticks turn so high, my auto turns ~2500rpm @ 65mph, and ~2750rpm @ 70mph.

In regards to the torque, I'd think our engines should have plenty of power to drive the car cruising at highway speeds at a low rpm. At the point of cruising, the only force needed is that to maintain the speed (overcome wind resistance, road friction...), which really shouldn't be much.

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Isn't the New SER supposed to come with a six speed?

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thats true, everybody could use a 6th gear. but its pointless unless you have a toquey car. ive drivin the celica and i was cruising at 80 in 6th gear...and everytime i had to pass someone, i had to downshift. couldnt just push the gas cause the car would not go anywhere. its the same with the si that i drive as well. that biotch is at 4700 in 80 mph. but of course its only a 1.6 liter so its not that big of a gas gusler. so yeah, trust nissan, they know what there doing when it comes to PROVEN trannys, gas milage, and the indistructble sr20de

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The reason for the 6th gear, is basically for highway driving. The Celica GT-S has a mean engine at high revs......and I wouldn't imagine not having that 6th gear for long drives.

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