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Who would you be....

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Well i was driving to work one morning.. taking a left turn on to sashabaw rd. When i spotted a guy that looked like my grandpa in a car behind me. I took the left and the guy behind me pulled besides me... my jaw dropped... all i could do is stick my thumb up. This guy had an HKS sponsored Sentra...blackish color well it was a red-light when he pulled up to me. He revs his engine.. hey sounds like mine.. (havent done anything to my car yet) *Green-light* off i go...then off goes his car like a bullet train there i am trying to keep up with him by the time we get the two lanes merging he is 4 car lengths in front of me.. (am i just a bad driver?..)

2001 SE w/PP, 5spd of course!-(Radium)
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I doubt your driving skills could have had that big of an influence, he probaly has many test mods under his hood, maybe we have something to look forward too!
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