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Where is MY Sentra ??

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Ok Im impatient.
Im going crazy...

I ordered my Sentra Monday :) its apparently in transit since last friday.

That means 10 days max (supposedly)
so I either get it today, friday or monday....
MAN I hope its today or tomorow.

Gonna break that one in real fast, I have lots of driving to do , hehe.
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I ordered mine Aug. 26, 2000 And got it in the middle of october. I got some lame *** excuse that it was behind all other cars at the loading dock and I cant get mine till all the other cars are moved. They also said because it is a 2001 it will take longer.
I hope you dont have the same problem I did. Good Luck!

My 2001 Sentra SE and my jet-ski's are my favorite toys!!!!!!
If they say that, they'll be in serious trouble with my fists. :)

seriously, they said 10 days MAX.
Gee, I guess I got lucky with mine. Asked the dealer for car with specific options and colors on Aug. 28, they had located it the next day (at another dealer) and on the lot the day after that.

2000 SE w/ PP auto in Heatwave

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I just went downstairs for a smoke!! (the company financing me, is in the same building as I am).

So I see this car delivery truck, whooohooo
but no cigar. Tabarnake.

2 Sentra's, but 2 XE's, bleh.
now I highly doubt I'll get it tomorow...
boohoo, I'll have to wait till monday :(
I hate all of you :)

I "ordered" mine a couple of weeks ago and as of a couple of days ago, the nimrod said it will be in by the end of the month!

Sucks ***!

I'm like Sam, the butcher, bringin' Alice the meat.
I'm like Fred Flitstone, drivin' around with bald feet.
These cars just aren't easy to come by apparently.....

When I went to purchase mine the only one in Memphis was a black SE without /PP and a slushbox.

I ending up buying my car throught Carsdirect.com, I had to go to a dealer in Chattanooga to get my car...5 hours and 350 miles....at least it was a fun ride home!!!

2001 SE 5-spd. w/PP Granite, no mods yet.

I miss Florida.... the girls are prettier and the cops are friendlier.
Don't feel so bad about the wait..

If you look at past posts, you'll see someone had to wait 4 1/2 months for his!

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Hey J-dog X, how was your deal with Carsdirect.com? Were they professional and easy to work with? Any "funny" business with the contract or extraneous charges and fees? A couple of my friends are shopping, and they're thinking of going internet for the cars.

Waiting for PR CAI, got the Stromung, got the Unorthodox, got a big fat empty "0" in my bank...:)
WOW!!! 2 weeks...4 1/2 month wait. I got mine right after (2hrs) I did the test drive, back in late Oct. of 2000. Sorry too hear that some had too wait so long.

2001SE W/PP Stock for now....no mods. :(
Im finally getting it, TOMOROW yoohoo
Glad you're getting your car, but that wait really sucks. Went to the dealer and they didnt have the one I wanted just yet but it came in 3 days later and I picked it up.


2001 Sentra SE, P/P, 5spd, Inferno with HyperWhite headlights and fogs.

PR CAI on the way, looking into Stromung Exhaust
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