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What to do with my car....

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I have a friend who does auto body work and paints cars.

I am planning on spending a pretty good amount of money on painting it, getting rims, and anything else to make it kick ***.

I just wondered if any of you guys that do your own car work have any good ideas on what I should have done to it.

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Have a custom paint job done! :) See if you can get a custom body kit done also.... let me know what ya gunna do..


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deffinetly go with a custom body kit or something and a paint that no one else has to stick out from the crowd....


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The ULTIMATE in self expression...do a custom headlight/taillight job. Try to get maybe the Skyline headlights/taillights and get them custom fitted to the sentra...now THAT would be sweeeeeeeet. If possible, go for the HID skyline lights.

Then get it painted the blue color that the SER background is on this page. That's what I would do.
damn you RadiumJohn, shut up shut up.....damnniiitttt! that's my idea if you take it I'll kick all your a§§e§!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!, how in the helll. I am going to get R33 Skyline taillights molded into the back and probably s15 silvia headlights in the front. Then I am getting a custom 2 or 3 tone special cameleon paint made just for my car, the apint will probably be cameleon silver/blue/purple. or something of the sort. I will probably get it all done winter break.

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hehe...sorry :) sounds like your car is gonna be shweeeeeet. I'm keepin mine as stock looking as possible. Just gonna put on some go-fast goodies.
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