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what happened

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what happened to all the post?

B-15 SE, 17X7 Kosei Racing Senekas, Sumitomo HTRZ2. Kaizo Speed Gear
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We gotta meet up tomorrow... Do you wanna roll with all us Sentraz? Call me at 221-9924


Sportin Da ILL 2000 SE, Focuz Tanabe Racing Medallion Replica exhaust, HID Hyperwhite bulbs All Round With Fogs, Stillen Pop Cone, 35% Mirror Tint, Custom Made Grill, 3A Racing Pedals, Primax 15" 10 spoke Racing Rims,
Vinyl Eye lids, JVC 10's w/ Kenwood Amp and 2 1/2" Dome Tweets...( Stillen front lip Spoiler on the way)
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Sorry about that dude. I got erased from the board twice. I couldn't even register until I made a new E-mail account. But yeah we should meet up sometime and cruz. Just give me a call or I'll call you. 741-1513.

Aight den
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