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I am new to almost everything here. I am new to the nissan scene, I am new to the forum (of course) and I am new to the car forum thing too. I noticed that new people were posting some short stories, so I am going to do mine too. I have had my 04 sentra for about 9 months now, and never owned a nissan. My first car was a 89 Civic hatchback (ha!). Then I owned a buick century for about 6 months and traded it for a 01 corolla. My grandmother wanted my corolla so I got money saved and had the choice between a Mini cooper s and this, and this is what i got. I have recently been wanting to get back into the whole "fixing up" cars thing and everytime i search something, I end up here. I am kurtdawg24, from alabama and I will post pics of my car as soon as it quits raining for more than a day.
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