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Vq35 swap

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Hi all new here swapping my stock auto b15 to a vq35 manual build I have a lift and all tools I will be including pics with updates . Should I go with a vq35hr or DE? Also which manual transmission should I use ? Thanks!
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Most people who do the swap use a Maxima motor and transmission as they are front wheel drive and there are swap kits out there. You can chose an 02-03 maxima motor and transmission setup, is vq35de with a 6spd manual, or 04-07 maxima with 6 spd, or use the vq35de and 5spd from an Altima. My advise is a 02-03 setup. Then you can swap in the gen2 or gen3 vq35de out of new maxima with the nisformance swap kit once you swap in the vq35de into the sentra chassis.
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