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Hi Everyone,

Over this past weekend I had some development work done by Vibrant trying to create a full cat-back SS exhaust for the SE. I did a little write up for another forum (gtasentra) and thought I would also post it here. The reason for this is I'm trying to help figure out what the interest is for this product. (Just to give them an indication on whether or not they should actually produce this as a standard product!)

Well the prototype exhaust is mounted and: (drum roll....) sounds great! It's got a nice deep low tone, without being loud!

Well here goes a breif run-down on what happened during the install:
- The installers were pretty skeptical on whether we would even be able to fit the SE-R onto the SE (Seems Nissam realized that the exhaust routing for the SE was stupid and really stream-lined it for the SE-R)
- Anyway things got going a little better once the muffler was hung (here again Nissan flipped the hanger locations - so a custom one had to be made.) At this point we were still a little worried about the exhaust hitting the torsion bar in back -- mostly because my car is lowered!
- We put the mid pipe up and found out that the SE-R's manifold/header is about 3" shorter than what was on my car (stock manifold!) so we had to cut the pipe and pressure flange the off cut.
- After that was done, up went the midpipe and the welding began. This went great and was done quickly (of note, Ray the welder, has some serious skill at welding... Check out Master Performance in Brampton.)
- Off I went, about 1.5 hours later... however, our earlier suspicions turned out to be correct and the exhaust was hitting the Torsion bar. This is wear they got creative and heated up the SS and added a bit more of a bend + coupled with raising the muffler a little.

As for right now, it only touches down on serious bumps at speeds above 100km/h. As I said before it sounds great... and as for performance: it feels much smoother at the top end, seems to pull harder to redline (have to watch for that 7000 a little more!) Anyway, this exhaust is going to stay on the car for 2 weeks, and then gets ripped off and modified until no bangs/clunks/clangs... Then, when that is done, it gets sent off to the middle east to be reverse engineered. Then some time after that, the decision will be made to offer this as a standard product baring enough interest. I'll keep everyone up to date with the developments during the R&D...
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