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Trip to FL not a checklist

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I'm going on 7 months now and just about 20,000 miles and the sentra has def been taking great care of me :D im taking a trip to FL and was actually wondering if anyone in the SC GA would be willing to open their homes for a nite... I know its alot to ask for, but It would be much for comfortable then my skyline inspired seat :eek: haha... and anyone in the FL area want to have a car meet??? I will be in Sarasota visiting my dad, and thought it'd be cool to take a day to meet some people down there n see their cars! anyway let me know guys, thanks
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Get a hotel you cheap bastard! :D j/p
lol if only I didn't have these tickets :( would u be up for a meet though?
Sarasota is 4 hrs away from me and on the other side of Florida, I'll pass :) Good luck
lmao ok thanks! :D
The florida humidity will PW3D your horsepower :D
i dunno the VA humidity is just as bad ;)
Trust me it isn't.. I visited my sister in VA in june... the humidity was about 1/2 as bad.

When I got off the plane in Ft. Lauderdale I was choked by the humidity.... :)

either way... enjoy your stay here... and don't pick up hitchhikers. :D
lol haha thanks i wont
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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