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does the TPS lead to the meter that shows you the RPMS? If so is it possible to take an anlog the reading from the RMPS meter. If this is reliable with the oopic microcontroller make it open the zex at say 3000 rmps and kill it at 6200 rmps. Any thoughts? It cant be harder than building a robot ;-)


The TPS tells the ECU how much gas your giving the car. The ECU uses that information to change various parameters. Zex uses the TPS to tell the "brain" when you have reached WOT. That is when it activates.

The Zex kit has numerous shortcomings. One *major* issue is that you cannot control what engine RPM the NOS starts spraying, or when it ends. It activates solely on WOT. Now, what do you do if you spray at fuel-cut? No fuel and lots o NOS is a VERY bad situation. Similarly, engine damage can occur if the nos is activated at too low an engine RPM.

Then you have the fuel problem that David pointed out. Now, the Zex kit taps into the fuel pressure regulator, but you don't have active control over how much more fuel is being introduced. Honestly, it may not be enough to keep from running lean. They also offer no "fail safe" that shuts the NOS off if you do start running lean. The Zex kit doesn't monitor your A/F ratio in any way.

The Zex kit doesn't provide any way of controlling ignition timing either. Typically, you want to retard your ignition timing while using NOS to prevent detonation. You can't do that with Zex. It may lead to problems.

The Zex kit is cheap for a reason.
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