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hi guys, my friend wanted me to post this

My name is Rich,, I am from www.altimas.net
Currently one of the California based NISSAN club is expanding, and trying to form new chapters around US.
I was chosen to be the head of the IL chapter. The name of the club is "TOP NOTCH", it is for all the Nissans, and there are not many requirements. We are not very strict only thing we want is ,the car must be all go,all show or show room floor,and when I
say show room floor it means bone stock.mint condition because a stock
Nissan is top notch in itself,but all of our members are all dedicated to
each aspect,wether it be racing it out,making it a show car,or just enjoying
a new ride!!!
All you have to do is purchase a club sticker witch is like $18 plus shipping, and put it on the car.
Yes the club has hook ups on parts!!! So you save money for just being a member. We have our own forum witch is at www.altimas.net, than go to enter forums and scroll down.
In order to post there you need to know the password.
If you want to find out more about that you are welcome to come to the Chicago altimas.net meet which will be held on April 7th. For more onfo on that visit altimas.net and go to "Get local" forum.

My goal with this thing is to organize one of the biggest Nissan car clubs around!!!!

If anyone is interested please e mail me at
[email protected]

the one sentra he mentioned is mine :)

94 XE 2 door 5 speed, Tenzo-R intake
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Yeah, it's a nissan club filled with drunk mexicans headed by my boys vtec killer and jimmy.
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