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This weekend there is going to an autocross at the Palisades Mall in Nyack, NY. It is a really nice track. The parking lot is newly paved. The course they layed down the last time I was there was tight and had a TON of turns. I don't think there was even one turn on the course.

I won't be able to make this because I am taking a course to get my motorcycle license.

The last time I went I won my class. It was great, I made my fastest lap the last run of the day. :)

Here their website:

WSCC Autocross

'92 Sentra SE

My "NEW TOY"!!!!! :)

Engine: LOTS OF MODS... Suspen: AGAIN LOTS OF MODS... Brakes: Yes, EVEN MORE MODS... As my friend said to me once, "This car rides on RAILS!"
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