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well lets see,
still married
kid is 5
never found Jesus, but I did meet a mexican kid at portillos names Jesus.
Bought an STI
sold the Sentra 3 months ago
Still working at Redbox
Playing lots of competitive paintball
Still Autocrossing
married here for 2+ years
kid is 6 months old

sold the cammed vette after 6 years
back to driving my 02 Maxima 6 speed daily (had it since 03) and I got a CBR 1000RR for the summer but been busy this year didn't get much riding done
not sure what i wanna get next......well I know what I wanna get but gotta wait till they come down in price..stingray or new z06 in a couple years if everything pans out

I do see that blue b15 SE that was painted electron blue from time to time by cumberland and lawrence, looks pretty beat up rolling on hubcabs
5401 - 5405 of 5405 Posts