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LOL, nope I wanted one.

Already have a Access port. Maybe an intake when Wes sales his. Outside of that not much. Will maybe do downpipe and catback in the future, but thats years away.

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Checking in

Hello All!
Traded in the S2000 for a tiny suv my wife wanted. I got to keep here 2007 acura tsx. The modding bug is hitting me like a relapse.... Lol.:D:D

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Que pasa mufasa.

Man. A bunch of stuff. Um.... was engaged a few years back. That fell thru.

No longer a religious man.
Bought a condo out in Naperville.
Became an A/V consultant for Magnolia Audio/Video Design (But job huntin'. ;))
My B15 is still with me thru all these times, but looking into a WRX or something.

What's up with ya?

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well lets see,
still married
kid is 5
never found Jesus, but I did meet a mexican kid at portillos names Jesus.
Bought an STI
sold the Sentra 3 months ago
Still working at Redbox
Playing lots of competitive paintball
Still Autocrossing

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Holy tits! You have a 5 year old? That's awesome man! My bro's kid just graduated 8th grade. Took him to galloping ghost last weekend and met some Mortal Kombat actors.

STI, eh? Those are quite gorgeous.
Funny thing about paintball. I've been to CPX a few times. Last year for my bday.

What's up with the folks here? Who do you still keep in contact with?

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Kevin (amplified2000) moved to Iowa, still chat on FB
Dave (Silverball) still chat on FB
Justin (Driving Illini) got married, moved to Seattle, still chat on FB and saw him last time i was out there
Nat (nat) :) We still chat here and there.
Geoff (Voodoo) he's married with 3 kids and living in a Carolina. I forget which one.
Aaron (soiledxdesire) chat on FB
Norman (naddie) see him at Autox every so often and chat on FB. We worked together for a few years.
James (ravejames) he's also in a carolina, just got married and bought a house. Chat on FB
Wes- We see each other from time to time
BodeB15-Chat on FB

Here's Gavin.

Paintball tourney last weekend.



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Wicked man! I was going to post about how I forgot how you (and most peeps) look like, but your kid is a mini-you, so I remember now! LOL

Sick looking STI btw...

I've got pics of me somewhere.... spinning at smartbar and drumming at cobra lounge.
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