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I removed the air box and went with POP filter a few weeks ago, (I like the sound, but I do notice a loss of torqe on take off)

Anyway, the a/c on the Sentra really REALLY taxes the engine, and I have to keep the revs higher to shift properly. On a hot hot day, in traffic, I went to creep forward - not enough revs - and stalled it. No big deal right?

But resarting it was a *****!! It took 6-7 cranks before it caught, then when I put it in 1st and let out the clutch it started to choke and cough again - even at high revs?!?! It took about a full minute of reving the engine before it would take the clutch and resume drive to the wheels.

Only happened once, and no problems since.

Could this be the result of pulling nothing but hot engine air into the engine through the POP??
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