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Taking over car payments?

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Has anyone here ever taken over payments (car loan) from someone and had some take over from you?

What's it all about Alfie?

My brother has a Honda that's slowly dying on him and is short on cash and credit. I WANT either the SE-R or the V car (and this time it'll be a manual).

I'm thinking maybe I can have him take over the payments and get that R or V, hoping his car will last long enough.

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I don't know man, but whatever you do, it right and legal. In the worst case he could have your car and you his payments. Good luck.

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exactly what adc said. brother or not, it's your ***. also, if the loan is in your name, you may not be able to get another loan for the spec-v. just something to keep in mind.


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also something to keep in mind,,,you actually have to apply for credit which means if your credit is worse than your bro's(not saying it is
) but you might end up getting a different interest rate meaning you might pay more....


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