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Sup all

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Normally I don't do this kind of intro but I'm stuck at work with nothing to do.

My names Richard though I tend to just go by Thavion. I'm a 24 year old Computer Tech with a love of nice all around cars. I got my first Sentra when I was 19 and miss it every single day. Black, 95' GXE auto with advanced timing that got 35mpg avg. It did run on 92oct gas to get that mpg but the torque gained at low rpm was what I was after when I did the timing so the mpg gain was a killer plus.

Long story short I lost my first car to age related retardation. I know now that tires without tread don't work on damp windy roads with negative camber turns while going 35mph. The pole won the battle with the car when they clashed despite the cars destroying several blackberry bushes as a warmup.

Now as of last month I'm back in a Sentra in the form of a Gold(Looks like Silver) 2001 Sentra SE. I saw it on CL and fell for it sight unseen. Was able to talk the dealer down to below blue book with ease and thanks to the long time between my loosing the GXE and now I'm not paying out the *** for insurance.

So far I've done some basic work on it. The plugs and wires must have been factory hardware based on the leaks around the edges. I'm going to replace the O2 censer for good measure but having rung the engine out a bit it doesn't show a single hiccup even with 108k on the clock.

As far as modifications to it I'm not going to go crazy like I did with my GXE. Again being 19 I had under-glow, a short ram intake and oh did I screw my mileage when my friend recommended disconnecting my muffler. Non of that will be going on here. Given the SR20DE's shear grunt in comparison to the GA16DE with better everything as stock I just don't feel the need to do much to it. All I want to do is make it a bit more economical.

To that goal I've started with upping the timing to 17deg and running 89oct. So far I'm getting almost 30mpg avg and it's easy to feel the power gained across the rev range. Next up I'm looking at Unorthodox Pulleys. My coworker put a set(I don't know the make) on his Subaru and found it worth the effort. Being a smaller engine and car I feel the reduction in drag on the engine would be even more pronounced.

The I'd love to get some advice on weather a proper CAI would be a good idea. As far as I know CAI's are only good for top end power and given the stock ECU will lower my mpg. If I'm wrong then I'd like to know what sort of gain it would give for a car that sees mostly 65-75mph highway with a bit of stop go 20-35mph city mixed in.

Well that was more then a hello but again I am stuck at work board off my *** spending an hour on this and a few other things with another two hours before I'm free. Think I'll go for a drive after work to clear my head.
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welcome aboard!
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