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I know I already asked this but with all the mess it got erased. How do I go about contacting someone about the Stromung exhaust, and the PRI CAI? Thanks again in advance.

2001 Blackout Se with PP
Let the Mods Begin!!!
Custom grilles are now installed, hopefully comning soon are CAI and a cat back system.
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Call Scott at Stromung 714-596-2237. It was a special one time deal for the members of this board (thanks to maxximtl who set the whole thing up). I don't think they have anything left for the Sentras but who knows, with enough demand, maybe he'll do another set.

Also, the PR CAI group buy is also done too. Call them up (if you look in the available mods section of this board, you'll see their contact info) and check.

2000 5sp Radium SE w/pp
Stromung catback, Hotshot CAI and header (on order)
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