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Hello, I recently purchased a 2003 Spec - v as a grass roots motorsports challenge car. Its a 2k max budget race car. I got the Spec V for $700. There is a killer engine knock on it that I am not sure is a bearing.

Also the engine itself could use a good disassembly and cleaning. I also need to do some rust repair on the rear doors. Overall however I am very satisfied with my $700 purchase.

A couple of questions...

Are there any good websites with diagrams/how to's on our car.
Also, what mods would you guys suggest for an AutoX and beginner track car? ( I have no racing experience.)
Also need some low cost parts, do you have any good auto salvage companies or anything that parts can be sourced from?

About me, I live in WI and have medium wrenching skills. I in the financial services industry so this isn't my industry but I can hold my own most of the time when it comes to wrenching. My daily is a 2016 F-150 and I also have a 1991 300zx TT.

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Hi RedZed,

Welcome to the forum. Good 1st mods are

Ground wires
Throttle body spacer
Short shifter
Removed balance shafts
Strut tower brace upper
Lower tie bar

I'm sure I may be missing some things, I'm not aware of any sites that have diagrams other than searching old threads here and the FSM
You may already have these but here are a few links that may help you out, I'll list others when I get the chance.

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