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SoCal Sentra/200SX Costs

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Howdy everybody. I'll be moving to the Orange/Fullerton area here towards the end of August, and I am going to sell my 91 SE here in the Twin Cities. It just has things I call midwest problems (too much snow, dings and other "elemental" type problems). My question is, how much to clean b13 SE's run down there? Are they fairly easy to find? Or, on a grander scale, how much do the b14 200SX's cost? I would prefer the older car, just because it is more of a sleeper and I wouldn't feel so bad modding an older car.

My plans are mostly track duty with the TRCA club. But, I will also beef the engine after the suspension.

Also, I believe with this post, I am a Sentra Fan now!!! yippee!!!

Scottie Tooley
1991 Sentra SE
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Well,I can't answer your question off hand,but I know a grouop who can:
That's the link to the SoCal-SERCA mailing list. A really cool bunch of guys. You should check it out.

Thomas Fox
93 NX2000
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