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short ram air intaje for the 1.8l?

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besides the dragon intakes does anyone else make them for the 1.8l motor?are they worth it? do they increase power and economy?
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yes, you can make a diy intake. theres a thread or 2 around here for the 1.8. you could also just get the maf adapter and throw a nice filter on it, but its better to at least tuck the filter behind the battery, so youll only need 2 small bent pipes and some couplers.
most of the cold-air intakes have multiple pieces, you can use just one piece and convert it to a short ram. i see plenty of weapon-r, injen, dc, ebay, and jdm ebay, lol.
after your 2.5" pipe with the fittings, should be the maf, where you can use the maf adapter, water filter if any, and pop the filter on. thats short, so unless you want to cut out your hood and make it short-ram. you should have another piece to bolt on to make it cold air as extra piece, the 3" pipe, if you really wanted, you could make the filter tuck behind the battery by cutting that 3" pipe shorter.

just the maf adapter looks like this:
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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