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Hi everyone,

We are trying to nail down all the important details of SentraFest, I know most of you want concrete details and that is what this post is for.

Please only reply to this thread if you are most definatly going to be coming

The reason for this is because we need to gauge interest so we can reserve the correct amount of space for everything.

Here are the plans we have come up with.

First of all for all of those who don't know, it will be held in Richmond, VA on June 22nd,23rd and 24th.


Everyone will arrive from their various locations and check into the hotel. Right now the most a room will be is $60 a night for 2 double beds (that means if you have a buddy it will only be $30 a night). If we get enough interest I am sure we can get the rate dropped below that.

Once everyone has arrived we plan on going to a resturant of some sorts so we can all get a bite to eat and get to know eachother.

After that we have a lot of options. There are bars/clubs/etc. I'm not sure what people would be up for. Josh also mentioned laser tag which might be fun.


This will be a busy day.

We are going to head to Rosen Motorsports at 9 am or so. We are going to do dyno runs there. The cost will be $40 for 30 mins of dyno time. We will probably only have room for about 12 people to do dyno runs. We will probably be doing this on a first come first pay basis. Rosen will be around to ask questions and if you want to buy anything I am sure they will accept your money. There is also some talk about some training classes. Rosen has a lot of racing experience so anyone interested in that stuff I am sure they will have a wealth of knowledge. We will also be having lunch there, it will most likely consist of lunch meat. Also if it is raining we will be voting best b12,13,14,and 15 there. We will provide ballots and you will voting your peers.

Around 4pm we are going to leave. Depending on the weather we are either going to head to another resturant(bad weather) or a park(good weather). If we head to a park we are going to have a cookout and everyone can vote best b12/13/14/15 and some other awards we come up with. We will also be taking care of the SNAP-PERF raffle at this time I believe. Once we are done with the coookout we are going to head to a movie theater to watch The Fast and the Furious.


Since most people are going to have to leave fairly early to get back we will probably all go out to breakfast somewhere and say our good byes. Those of us who stick around can see what we want to do.


We are going to probably need to collect some money for this, especially for those of you who want to do the dyno runs. For those of you not doing the dyno runs I am sure we can collect the money friday night. This money will be used to purchase food for Saturday.

For fridays dinner that will be taken care of on our own.
For Saturday we need to pay for the dyno, and we are going to do lunch meat for lunch at Rosen and then if we have a cookout that evening we are going to need to buy soda,hotdogs,burgers,chips for that.

Eugene has talked about doing up t-shirts, so paying for those a head of time would help him.

So the price breakdown would be something like this.

$40 dyno
$10 lunch sat
$10 dinner sat
$15 t shirts

There numbers may change but we will have definate numbers by early next week.

For those of you who are definatly wanting to go please reply is this format

Yes I am coming
I drive a ().
I am bringing () people with me
I will need a hotel room/I am sharing a hotel room with ().
I would like to do () friday nite.
I would/wouldn't like to do the dyno session.
I would like () t-shirts.
I am leaving at () Sunday.

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Where in Richmond? I can only get one day off to go and it's a 3 to 4 Hour drrive. I don't want to spend half of it looking for everyone.
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