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SE 5-speed owners... Favorite gear?

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I just love third gear in this car.

1st - Sorta fun, but over to quickly
2nd - eh... again pretty short
3rd - AHHHH... cruise around town, or smash
the pedal and take off.
4th - OK... It is kind of fun, but...
5th - Nice on the highway, but...

2001 Sentra SE, PP, 5-Speed, Sunroof.

PR CAI (in da mail), Kenwood KFC-1738Cs (in da back), gas cap holder (on da side)
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I'd have to say 2nd gear is my favorite. Being at altitude (almost 6K ft.,) my car loses some steam by 3rd gear. In general, my car performs much more poorly than you guys living at sea level. However, my car still has good pull in 2nd, although you can't really use it all the often. 4th and 5th gear are nessacary evil's. :) I have surprised a few cars on the highway in 4th though. hahaha. Once you get above 5K RPM, it is okay.

2001 SE, P/P, 5 spd. Cloud White.
- Stromung Stainless Cat-back.
- Place Racing CAI (eventually)
- Stillen Front Spoiler
2nd gear. it best when youre just cruisin after a a green light then youre already in 2nd then you punch it. then you can feel the torque kick in around 4500...ahhh...great feeling. or maybe 3rd when you down it on a freeway, eating up the clutch.

2000 sentra se
pp, 5spd
2nd. gear. No question. Rarely can I run 3rd out to the redline and first, although a strong pull, reds out within 2 seconds.

I can't even imagine owning an automatic.

That would be the suckiest thing that ever sucked.

Except not having a car at all. But I digress.
well i love the way the car is geared 1st is awsome for launching and getting in the power band, 2nd is my fav hold it at 4500 and step on it and watch the RPMs swing by. 3rd pulls real nice to red, but i would like it to be longer, 4th is good for when u are above 80 and u want to drop it from 5th on the highway and take off, and 5th still a good gear pulls strong till 143 where it hits red. great tranny for this motor i am very happy with mine

2001 sentra SE 2.0
w/ perforance package,
DTM muffler, custom cold air intake, NOS/ZEX hybrid Nitrous system 55 shot, and HID bulbs all around.
So let me guess your claiming you've hit 143

Black 2K SE+PP
2nd gear i'd have to say, well actually the transition from 1st to 2nd.... CHIRP!!! i love that sound!!

Jaded 2000 SE with Performance Package. ABS, Side Air-bags, in cabin microfilter, and PIAA headlights.

Thinking about:
Hotshot or PR CAI
Stromung Cat-back
The mechanical gearing limit of the car is like 149 we discovered. No one on the board has topped 135 yet as far as I know. At 6,000ft. I couldn't get over 125 or so. Assuming you were spraying at the time, didn't run out of NOS, and didn't fry your motor in the process, it *MIGHT* be possible to do it. Again, that is approaching the physical limits of the car, regardless of HP.

2001 SE, P/P, 5 spd. Cloud White.
- AEBS 4-1 Header
- Stromung Stainless Cat-back.
- Place Racing CAI (2 weeks and counting)
- Stillen Front Spoiler

2001 Black Sentra SE with Performance Package, JWT pop cone intake, clear turn signal bulbs, razo carbon pedals, neon cable interior kit :eek:) CUSTOM grille
PICS - http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1587801&a=12376730&f=0&vt=vp
I've hit 126 MPH. What is with this Chip dude? I help figure out the gearing limits, and he's got 143 MPH on it?? Seems kinda weird. I'm not trying to talk smash, but I know I was pulling some awesome power, maybe with my mods now it would be easier, and maybe your NOS/ZEX setup could have got you to 143. Gears must have seen better days at that point.

Okay, back to the topic, my bad... my favorite is definitely 2nd as well. :)

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-Previous Owner 1995 Sentra GXE, w/mods, Auto, Maroon
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I agree that first gear is too short, but second is pretty sweet. I feel like the gears in this car are too short anyways....I tend to hit the rev limiter in second in the middle of hard turns....SCARY!

2001 SE 5-spd. w/PP Granite, no mods yet.

I miss Florida.... the girls are prettier and the cops are friendlier.
2nd is my favorite, nothing pulls on me in 2nd. The thing is it ends at 52mph, which sucks, third still pulls great, especially on the highway, nothing like slamming from 3rd to 4th. I've hit about 125...I think I could take her up a little more.

2000 Nissan Sentra SE 5spd Black, Free air mod, K&N
1999 Nissan Maxima SE Limited 5spd Black
2nd on the street and 3rd is my favorite on the highway...

2000 sentra se w/ windsheild. headlights. toyo tires. steering wheel. shift knob. seats. etc
I would have to agree with everyone. 3rd is my favorite right now. Mainly because I live out in the country with no in town driving were you get to do a lot of passing. Jump from 5th to 3rd and your gone.


2001 Sentra SE
Inferno with HyperWhite lights
PR CAI on the way, looking into Stromung Exhaust
Hey Cracka,

I live in Wrightstown, you know where that is? Prolly do, but if not its next to Newtown on your way to Hew Hope. I'm at college right now, but I just thought I would say something. It's cool to know someone on here lives near me. I'll have to look around for you when I get home. Do you know of anyone else on the board that lives in our area? Later!!!

2nd gear is the shiznit 3rd is phat to, well i love em all!!!!

2kSentra se w/pp heatwave
jwt pop, hs headers, smc ss, tint, custom exhaust, timing 18 degrees, momo combat shift knob
3rd gear absolutly kicks ***! With mods, I have torque out the wazoo ( for a 4 banger) and the car pulls hard from 3 grand until I cut out at 7500 rpm. It is amazing having power in 5th gear at 4 grand. Feels like a small block v-8. When i first bought the car in stock form, everybody thought it had a 2.5 liter v-6 in it. Little did we know that engine was on its way...

yer' mom drives Chevy.
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