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Saw a lady blow a Mitsubishi GST motor!!

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I was driving home yesterday afternoon and the lady in front of me was driving a Eclipse Spyder GST. All of a sudden it started belching out black smoke out of the tail pipe and started growling like an old Chevy Corsica (you know the sound). She lost almost complete power and could barely pull to the side of the road. I probably should have stopped to help her but I was in a rush to pick up my fiance.

My guess is it probably broke some internal parts on the motor. It sounded like it was running on half the cylinders. Does anyone else have a story about cars they've seen take a major dump on someone while they are driving?


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Speaking of taking a dump.... j/k

Last night at the track I raced a t25 turbo'd accord. He most definately caught me in the beginning of second and at third i was like Wow! all of a sudden his front end goes down violently and I pass him, it was like 70mph-10mph in a couple of seconds! I asked him what happened and he said he lost a spark plug wire. Also the previous time to the track a dragger called "tinker toy" lit em up in the pit and the rubber got enlarged and sticky and stuck right to his fender well it was hilarious!


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