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Rubbermaid Knobs

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Okay, I'm getting closer and closer to the end of my lease on the Prelude, and my shopping for a new Sentra has started since last week.
I test drive a Sentra SE Automatic (why can't they let me drive the stick?) Anyway, great power, but I wish I can try the stick shift for a bit... I guess I drop by another dealer next week after my mid-terms. Anyway, I notice the cheap rubbermaid knobs for the climate control, they're kinda... umm... rubbery... you know... not solid (the radio volume dial would be a bit more firm). I don't know if it is just my demo car or it is common on all Sentra (I read reviews that says the same thing)
You think there are aftermarket replacement for those things? hehe... that would be nice.

(Guys, if you try out the Civics knobs for the climate control, they're pretty good, nice and refined, I know... it's a Civic, but no doubt their instrument control is pretty easy to use)

So these are my complains so far...
1) the Antenna
2) the cheap climate control knobs
3) good looking cover for the engine
(none of these are really that important, but would be nice to be a bit more refined)

What do u guys think?

1997 Honda Prelude Type S
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Hey man, what's up?

Well, I'd have to disagree with you about the climate controls, although I rented a 2001 Dodge Stratus, and wow, the climate controls were NICE! :p Our car's climate controls actually hold up real nice, that's the least of my worries.

Not sure if you can still search with the site being brought up, but look under the Technical Forums for Problems and Concerns. You'll find that along with myself, there are a lot of people that had problems with their Sentras. As far as just pet peeves or whatnot, here would be great for replies.

To be honest, I think the thing that I don't like the most are the tires. They just don't feel right. Some attention to the interior, such as materials are somewhat an issue for me, because it seems to scratch real easy. Also, the seats are hard to clean, as they collect lint from hell. :) The engine is bulletproof, so I won't go there.

You definitely need to try the 5 spd. I believe it's SO much better. Hope this helps.

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Yah, I guess I Can live it, it's not the biggest problem (I've seen the Neon... things falls apart)
I've read a lot of the driver's posting on technical issues and what not, they seem to be small things...
Yah, you're right, Firestone tires are not what I like, I like Dunlop, Continental (only on European cars though ... doh), the baby in that tire company (hehe :)), but I don't plan to get new tires for the car when I get it (not until I have to change them). BTW, Firestone tires can be seen on Honda Civics... (yuk!)
Interior, aside from my concern about the climate controls, umm... it's cool... the seats are comfy, the dash plastic... no real complains about the material use there, I guess I got to live with it for a bit to know... but it looks okay.
Engine, can't complain, the engine is old (and it does look old school) but its proven to be very reliable on the G20, aside from it does eat a bit more gas than the competition, I guess it balance off by a lot of performance, so, I love the engine.
Like I said, after my test drive, I got off the car just to find where they hide those rocket boosters in the back.
These brakes are Incredible... (much better than my prelude... hard to believe)
Yah... I really wanna try the 5spd so badly... ;)

1997 Honda Prelude Type S
Getting a Sentra SE Sport soon!
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I drove a Civic for five years before it got stolen. I TOTALLY agree with the climate control and antenna thing. The controls just aren't as refined. Aftermarket climate control knobs... LOL. As silly as it sounds, I'd buy em.

But seriously, an issue with this car is rattles. Sometimes the dash rattles and it's hard to locate the source. Also, the coin box/fuse cover has a tendency to fall out when you open it... but this may have been resolved in newer models. I'm not sure.

My biggest problem with the car is the transmission... then again it's cuz I have an auto. :p BTW, I read your little post in my tranny swap thread... just for that, I hope your dealer ends up having nothing but autos!!! Heheheh j/p. :D :D Well anyways, good luck on getting your SE 5-speed.

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I would totally go for aftermarket chrome knobs to match the other chrome accents in the car! I'm betting they didn't do this because it might have caused reflections that might have hit the driver in the eye, but I'd chance it. That would look too cool to have total chrome knobs. Anyone wanna try and make some?


2001 SE, Radium, PP, Sunroof, Rear Splash guards
Haha... I really wish there's such thing as aftermarket knobs (maybe Home Depot! haha)
I don't know, chrome? I would get some sanded aluminum or titanium (yah, like that's gonna be cheap), just to match the dash board! That would really match, plus, you won't be blinded by the sun relection.
I don't know, just my opinion.

About the transmission, MANUAL TRANSMISSION FOREVER!!! :)

1997 Honda Prelude Type S
Getting a Sentra SE Sport soon!
My gripes besides the antenna are:

No locking compartment in the car (glovebox, top of the dash compartment or the armrest)

no seat back pockets

puddle lamps on the doors (I like my car to be well illuminated when getting in and out, and the light on the ceiling doesn't really cut it for me).

pretty ticky-tacky complaints...I still love the car.
Heh, someone posted about paint coming off the HVAC control knobs.

We should really find someone to make good knobs for us... like a group buy

1997 Honda Prelude Type S
Getting a Sentra SE Sport soon! 2 more months
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