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Rim questions, trying to finding proper rim size, PLEASE HELP!! TRYING TO ORDER RIMS TONIGHT! I NEED INPUT, PLEASE HELP!!!

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hello, i have a 06 SE-R spec V, i am looking into some 17 x 8 with +30 offset JNC rims, will these work? will they be sticking out to far or is 8 wide good? am i gonna face any rubbing issues? please let me know of all the possible cons to a set of 17 x 8 with +30 offset rims, or if you think these should suit my car well.i have pasted the rims i am looking into along with the specs for them below, please let me know if these are a good fit for my b15. my b15 is all stock, the only thing that worry’s me is if the rim will fit over the bermbo calipers break since i do have the upgraded brembo package. please let me know if these will fit my b15 properly. and yes i’m aware i’m gonna have to roll fenders, as i was already planning on that. thanks for any of the help!
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