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Holy cow!!!

I was perusing through Autotrader.com looking to see how the B15's were doing in the used car market. The average asking price was $13800, and that's for all models, all mileage ranges.

Saw a listing for a 2001 SE, loaded, 10432 miles for $17995.

Another for a 2000 SE (NO P/P!!) with 13822 miles for $16995.

Another 2000 SE, loaded, 19237 miles for $17995.

Crazy high.

Wonder if they are actually going for that much used, considering my then NEW car STICKERED for $18300.

I think values vary quite a bit depending on the market. YOu also have to consider whether or not the car was at a dealer or not. B15's in my area are going kinda cheap. 2000 SE's seem to be bringing in like $13-14K. I don't think our cars will have the resale value of the Civics and whatnot. They just aren't that desireable yet.
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