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Please do not post here, this is just going to be a constantly updated list of received payments on the brake lines

no. Date rec.Member Name
01. 06/02/01 Jose Pena
02. 06/02/01 Dennis Le
03. 06/07/01 Len Matsunaka
04. 06/08/01 Paul Burdick
05. 06/09/01 Waldo98
06. 06/09/01 Craig McDougall
07. 06/11/01 David Evans
08. 06/15/01 Jay Remo
09. 06/15/01 Wade Jackson
10. 06/16/01 Sherb Sison
11. 06/17/01 Joy Rathod
12. 06/18/01 Eugene Wallace III
13. 06/19/01 Jeff Body
14. 06/19/01 Mike Body
15. 06/19/01 Marvin Soonthorn
16. 06/19/01 Pierre Tsui
17. 06/19/01 Steve Kenney
18. 06/20/01 Daniel Weaver
19. 06/21/01 Jon Peterson - approved for late payment and received
20. 06/22/01 Francis Puzon - approved for late payment and received
21. and we have my payment

payments i've approved for late arrival:
22. Juan Cardenas

thank you !

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we have the 20!

hey all we have the 20 that are needed for the smaller payment, however, those that i have listed under approved for late arrival, please still send the full amount to keep things easier on me and I will refund the extra when you receive your lines. No checks have been deposited yet so these monies are not guaranteed as of yet, I will let everyone know when i deposit the checks. They will be deposited as soon as the last of the late arrival payments is received. If your name is not on the late arrival list and i approved you for it please email me asap @ [email protected] so i can add you to the list. I want to thank everyone for an easy brake deal and for getting these lines at half price, your orders should be shipped to me on July 15 and I will ship out as soon as I receive them. I will be moving cross country in July after i ship the lines so they will be shipped from my mom's house, if you have any problems you'll need to contact me after I move. i'll be on the board still
we will be getting a refund... for those of you who used paypal though and didn't use the links and paid the direct amount the refund will be just a few dollars smaller though b/c of the money i threw in from the 2.2% +.30$ and one person overpaid by a few dollars so his refund will be higher

thanks everyone!
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