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i havent heard/seen much about the k1 rods, but you can find everything youre asking at b15u.com, there much more info about aftermarket internals, and people that use them there. i would assume there are much cheaper parts than what youre asking about that will produce similar output. hopefully youve already considered your 08 headgasket and headbolts, and maybe a jwt bsr for your rebuild ;)

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finished mine in april
if you are staying na, or with a little nitrous

just to give you some ideas
mine i got used from 2jr in ga [had about 40,000 hard miles on it]

it uses b16 internals, the complete rotating assembly [about 10 cr]
i had 2j put in jwt C1 cams, and springs
a lightweight pulley
b16 plenum
carbon fiber stage two clutch and lite steel flywheel
it already had the jwt bsr
a DC header and side exhaust
uprev tuned

it made 180 hp, 180 ft lb torque on the dyno
it's very streetable and can deliver mpg in the 30's
[i average 27-28 mpg]

i like the forged piston route [but would humbly suggest 11.5 or higher if e85 is around, needs a good tune too]

perhaps b16 rods will be enough for the max 200-220 you will get NA
mine with a 120 shot won't exceed 300 hp

b16 rods have been good to 400hp according to the turbo boys

or play safe and use some milder h-beam rods with the forged pistons
and put the money saved into a good tune
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