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oh my god i just about nutted my pants when i looked at the new sentra ser god its so tight so buetiful well any way i have a nissan sentra ser 92 i love it but i have a problem right now i got backed in to and knocked my back bumper off. pissed me off real bad and i dont have a passenger side mirrior got knocked off raceing on a back road. but any way i found this car by luck.
when i first bought it i did not know what a good import i had. i found it at a gas station for 4,000 and something with 65,000 miles on it it was a good buy dont u think.
but know i know what potential it has. i need help finding a winsheild sticker for it that has anything about nissan on but maybee some of u can help me im going to start raceing soon and need to know where i can get some good parts besides stillen so help me out i put in for a speedoption sticker for my car but still have not got it ill up date this later with a pic but e-mail me im new at import stuff not stupid about it i know a little bit. im looking for some people to talk to about the sentra's i have not met one person yet. but e-mail me at [email protected] thanx a million
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Gevan, check out www.sentra.net and look under mods...you should have no problem finding parts on this site.

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