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Proud owner of a new Sentra SE w/pp

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Today I decided to buy a new car. After visiting several dealerships over the past couple of weeks I noticed none of them had the exact options I wanted. I thought I was going to have to order one. Well today I went to Lou Fusz Nissan in St. Louis, MO. They had just received a brand new 2001 Sentra SE w/PP in Radium with side airbags/ABS, power sunroof, manual transmission. Just wait I was looking for. I can tell this will be a fun car to have, despite my jitters from driving a brand new car (my first new car purchase).

Lou Fusz Nissan was great. They were extremely courteous. It was obvious that they wanted to sell the car. I wouldn't hesitate buying another car from them. My fiance is already eyeing the Maxima SE to buy a few years.

As much as I love my new car, it was difficult for me to part with my '95 Probe GT. It was time to replace the Probe though.

Now, I just can't wait till I get over the nervousness of driving a brand new car and get it broken in.

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hey welcome to the boards

and also welcome to the world of nissan

These boards are really good for an information source,,if you have any questions please feel free to ask them,,,many people here are very knowledged and many of us will help you if you want help with something like doing mods or whatever...
check out the archieve's for alot of great tips and past threads...you'll enjoy it

As far as the break-in nervousness,,,once you get past it and really get to enjoy the car,,,you'll love it


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I already love the car. It does not feel "cheap" like the price tag. Basically, my fiance left it up to me to pick the new car. I researched the Honda Civic EX, Mazda Protege ES 2.0, and Toyota Corolla, and it didn't take me long at all to realize the Sentra SE w/PP is what I wanted. Considering all the extra features the PP comes with for only $899 MSRP, I think it's definitely worth it. Not only that, but the Sentra ended up costing less than the other models I looked at.

I've seen some people complain about the harsh ride, but it's got a luxury car feel to me compared to my Probe GT.

My fiance is completely impressed with my selection as are the friends/family who have seen it already today.

After a quick nap (I've had two hours sleep in the past 24 hours), I'll have to take my new 'baby' out for a drive tonight.

On a side note, I'm impressed with this BB. Everyone here is extremely nice and willing to share information without trash talk like on ClubSi.com.

Well, time to get my owners manual, read a bit and take a nap.

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Welcome to our board MK. Everyone here is definately cool! I haven't seen any fighting or anything. Just good information so we don't make each others mistakes and you can learn a lot too!!!! Every night I check up on the forums. Good luck with your sentra. Couldn't have went wrong with the PP either. SWEEEEEET RIDE!!!!

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Welcome aboard Patnah! Its good to get all the B15'ers to share there joy!


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You won't be disappointed.

"Haters Hate This."
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Well, I had to take my car for another spin tonight racking up an additional 40 miles or so. I put 80 miles on the car today varying between highway driving and streets. Even under 4000RPM without full throttle this car has very nice pickup. I have been thoroughly impressed with this car so far. It's up to 120 miles on it already and I'll end up putting another 90-100 tomorrow as my fiance wants me to take it to her parents house and show it off. So hopefully within a month I'll have the 1000 miles on it so I can see what she does above 4000RPM.

Does anyone else have any suggestions on breaking in a new Sentra SE besides staying under 4000RPM and being gentle on the throttle & breaks? Having previously owned a 1990 Ford Probe LX 3.0 V6, a '95 Probe GT, as well as currently a '97 Honda Del Sol, I must say that Nissan has solid me on their products. I still love the Del Sol, it's a fun summer car, but I needed the all-around practicality of a 4-door sedan.

I really want to thank everyone on this board, I've been lurking for about a month now. I was leaning towards the Sentra SE, but all the positive comments that I heard on this board along with the test drive, made the choice easy.

Matt (MK)
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2k Sentra SE Manual w/PP - Black
Break in: There's been a discussion before: http://www.b15sentra.net/cgi-bin/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000100.html. (not sure if this link will work. Also check Edmunds.com under Maintenance and Repair- there's been one there also.

Use the "search" feature at the top of the page. It works. Some things to keep in mind, is don't drive at a constant speed. Change rpm frequently. Get off of the gas for a few seconds at a time when driving. This changes rpms and also : very importantly it creates a vacuum in the combustion chamber which sucks extra oil up throught rings. Also the breakin requires lots heat up/cool down cycles. you can't effectively and correctly break in an engine in a couple of days in my opinion. Take your time-enjoy the car, treat it easy. Lots of contraversy here. But with that kind of investment I'm gonna error on the side of safe.

Good luck with the new ride. Its a great car.

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Hey welcome to the board. I want a Sentra really bad, but im waiting for the se-r. Right now i own a 98 nissan 240sx SE its a good car to last me till the se-r comes out, i hope you have fun with it, and tell me as much about your car as possible, b/c i love to hear about sentras, or nissans for any reason.....Good Luck
Congrats from all of at the b15 board!! I just heard about this board from my cousin who owns a sentra's older brother, 2k maxima. Its funny.....most people who have never seen the new sentra's before give my car the biggest stares ever! Where I live, i see about 50 civic si's and about a million other civics, i see about 20 sentra gxe's and about 2 or 3 sentra's w/PP! But then again the sentra is a new car so its popularity will grow over time. Welcome again!


Chopped...But one day it will be seen like this!
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welcome to the boards.

i have owned 3 Nissans in the last 4 years.
i bought a new truck in 97.
i bought a new sentra GXE in 98 (which was totalled in aug.00)
i was chauffered with love by my sister and brother for about 6 months.
then on valenintes this year i got me a spanking new 2001 SE w/PP, color=Jaded with a smooth shifting 5 gearbox. i have filled up on gas twice in one week. and yes, i have been breaking her in smoothly. i just have 6 months worth of driving to do.

before i bought into Nissans, i owned 3 mustangs previously. AND ...

... AND my twin sister bought a 98 SE one week after i got my 98 GXE and NOW ...

... NOW she is the proud owner of her own SE minus the PP with auto.

i have been surfing this forum since late 98 and have never met a bunch of better people on the net. even in my masquerades in the chat rooms.

you guys rock.
now, if you will all excuse me, i have this suddent urge to ENJOY THE RIDE instead of going to bed to work at 6 am. so, good night!!!

visit my site, i need creative critizism: <A HREF="http://
http://www.suncitystreetscene.net" TARGET=_blank>
oh, and feel free to chat, my AIM SC is 'jam jammo'
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