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Installed: Early December 2002
Miles: 10k est.
Wheel/Tire setup: 205x40x17 at 32psi (tried 37 but too stiff for daily)

I took a month or two I think it took the suspension to settle in. As I mentioned before, no noise or irregularity as a result of suspension upgrade even till now. Took trips from VA to far south as Savannah, Georgia and that's not mainly going through I-95, but through I-75 I think that's the one goes straight through NC to SC and to I-95. But anyways, it was hell driving through SC where the roads have those bumps where I guess it suppose to make drivers stay awak or something, but no joke my brain wasn't bouncing, but definitely could see my headlight beams going up and down felt so embarrassed cuz I remember those ricers who's car goes up and down like a jack in the box.

That was during Spring break (beginning on the 4th month/3k est., but since then either I sorta got used to it or either the suspension got more settled in. One good thing is that I do not see a sign of my dampers wearing down/shot according to other owners. I have gone through RR 5mph no problem, 6inch + potholes covered by water by accident at about 20mph and no problem, but my wife hates the back seat when my friends who is the same height 6ft and we all totaled 535lbs she (5.3ft) almost hit the roof upon a gradual bump at 45mph and felt like she was on a kangaroo's back hoping.

I took highway exits anywhere from 35-50mph and no screach or excessive roll, plus felt confident to push more but I can't afford to really test this car out since I got married and more sane. Everyday I feel like i'm launching off to the moon when I go over a quick rise on the highway, almost one years of cringes seeing that quick rise over bridges. Oh yeah when I land, no noise, but it's not like awww like when you sit on a nice leather office chair, but more like those folding chairs, the car lands and maybe settles down after 1-2 little bounces, nothing dangerous.

In conclusion the performance is there, but I wouldn't recommend it for a daily commuter unless the road is strictly flat/smooth gradual ups and downside.

I see that the Nismo setup fits more to my taste, but for how much, maybe $600 sounds more reasonable. You guys think H&R would make a cupkit for us, cuz they're hot and they got a website in English eheh. I also would like to say because this is my first Nissan ever, the car GXE00' 5spd has a peppy engine with a notchy tranny, would like an independent suspension, and plastic interior gotta go (whatever happened to using vinyl/cloth).

Recommendations for daily commuter who aren't happy with stock b15 floaty suspension at an affordable price? Spec V pro-kit + KYB AGX/GR-2 someday? I can't do inserts living in an apartment anyone in VA would like to help out? Free 14-inch steelies, how about a full setup of stock springs+dampers, hubcaps? I hope this wasn't a flammable thread this time.
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