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ok, well i finally got my tein SS installed and the whole thing only took about 2.5 hours for all four corners. the right tools gets you far, not to mention the use of a car lift ;). we also took an extra 10 minutes to put the ES inserts on the car. the tein were a since to put on the car!

one thing i feel incredibly stupid about was that for 2 years i always thought i had ABS and today i found out that i didn't. i guess i assumed i had it when i bought the car b/c i got the PP. i've had the wheel off many times but never paid any attention to whether i had ABS or not, i just assumed i did :). long story short, i'm kinda glad because i can stop my car on a dime ;) and i thought it was because of the ABS, but come to find out it was my braking talent that has stopped the car all these times. i guess i just have a natural feel for where the lockup part happens b/c ive never done it before! so im happy with my braking ability, but feel stupid b/c i never noticed i didn't have ABS. but then again, when i ride a motorcycle, i'm a demon on the brakes ;).

on my drive home i was very pleased with ride quality of the SS (mind you, im using the 336F, 280R springs). i could tell a lot different response through the steering wheel. i could also feel a little more vibration through the clutch b/c of the mounts also. i used the recommended settings that tein included and i'll see how they work out for me ;).

so overall it was a fun day and very simple job accomplished.... now i have to go get that alignment this week. and hopefully have my SES light banished from the car, its clouding my thinking pattern ;)
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