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Well, I recently spent a lot of money getting my Sentra looking & running good -- with new paint job, new head gasket, new water pump, new spark plugs, new belts & hoses, new struts, etc., etc.

I am considering painting the wheels (15-inch alloys) because they have a terrible affinity to pick up brake dust and cleaning them is a never-ending battle. I saw another silver Sentra with my same wheels painted black and it looked pretty good.

I am thinking that Krylon flat black might be best - as I am not sure I could get gloss black to look quite right. Anyone else ever do this? Did it look good? I could get them "professionaly painted" by a body shop; but it'd be more costly than buying a new set of rims.

My rims are shod with nearly new Michelin Pilot radials, so I am not likely to replace them. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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