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p0340 code

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Was on my way to work and my car shut off the other day. It turned over but wouldn't start, so after telling several people I didn't need a jump,
I checked the code & got p0340 which is camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction.

The stock sensor for the early 2000 nissans are plastic and allow oil to leak into the connector. Nissan says this is NOT a recall, and they'll charge you 100 something dollars to fix it which is crazy. *If you go to AutoZone/Advance/Napa you can get an upgraded sensor which is metal for $30.*

I did this and my car started right up & has been running since :]

**you'll probably want to pick up 2 new sensors b/c you actually have two plastic sensors in your car (crank & camshaft), but they are the exact same parts (same part no. too).

They are kind of tricky to get out (the crank moreso than the cam sensor)...if you're looking at the engine from the front of the car you should see a green plug on each side of the engine- these are the connectors for the sensors.
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Very nice. Thanks for the post. I think mines were changes already, but by any chance do you have the oem # for these by any chance?
Wrong thread.
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