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Hey all,

Apologies for posting this in the Intro section, but couldn't figure out how to unlock the Tech section after posting here (Maybe mods can move this?). Hoping this post may help out someone out there.

I had an issue on my 06' with rough starts for about 4 months without any code. Wasn't a big deal, as the car would usually start after a second crank.

Then, the P0340 code popping up. Naturally, I picked up a new camshaft sensor from the dealer, cleared the code, and all was good for a week until it came up again with a vengeance.

P0340 code came back, and the car would not start.

Searching around here, I saw that many blamed the crankshaft sensor as well. So I picked up one of those, and after a lot of swearing at trying to get the old one out in the cold - I managed to swap it. Oddly, the car started up and I thought all was good.

Very next day, no-start, code is back.

After checking out all the electrical, I started playing with the sensor position a bit and got the car to start! After some more experimenting, it turns out the sensor is too close to the engine when its cold. Likely due to some engine wear, the camshaft possibly moving a bit, metal expansion, or the nature of hall effect sensors... pick any.

Long story short, I cut out some gaskets on my laser cutter, slipped two of them in between the camshaft sensor and the engine.

Car starts first crank every time! Hot or cold. CEL cleared, and has not come back (been 2 weeks now).

May not be the most elegant solution, but it works.

Here's the gaskets I cut out:

Hope this helps someone out there.

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you couldnt post because you havent fulfiled the requirements in the site rules. you need to post some stuff in other threads so we know youre not a spammer or something ;)

also, just becareful of your material selection, they look paperish. it might start to suck up oil or vacuum. but seems like a great idea for those having a similar problem!
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