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I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R SpecV with check engine light issue. 128K miles.

So I started getting the p0335 code indicating a crankshaft position sensor issue. There were no issues with how the car ran or anything. But after looking around on this site and the internet I went to autozone and bought a new one and went in and replaced it. The code came back after driving it a second time. The car began having much more difficulty starting. However it still ran fine, no noises or anything. Occasionally it would be a little sluggish when throwing it into 1st gear.

Today I decided to replace the camshaft position sensor. Still getting the same code though.

At this point I am not sure what to do. My research shows that it could be a number of things:

-the new sensors are defective
-bad wiring
-faulty ECM
-something is wrong with the timing chain?

I'm at a loss and looking for second opinions. Again, the car has some hard starts, but once it is up and running it seems to be fine. I'm planning a 2000 mile road trip next week and would really like to get it fixed before then.

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P0335 - Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction

youre saying youve already replaced both cam & crank sensors? did you use metal type sensors? the old werent banged up or anything were they? did you make sure the connectors were clean by spraying them out with cnc qd electronics cleaner? check your vin with a dealership, make sure this recall, and other related to it, have all been performed. there was a recall to replace crank sensor and reprogam ecu, maybe your vehicle hasnt had the recall done yet by the dealership.

download the fsm for you vehicle, its free download around here somewhere. there's is a little troubleshooting section just for each of the sensors. it will tell you which pins to test and show you voltages youre supposed to get, etc, until you find the bad connection. you shouldnt have more problems with a new sensor, but your ecu is detecting a circuit malfunction for the crank sensor.

effects of crank sensor being bad:
-tach dropping to zero when engine is running
-trouble starting, engine doesnt fire or misfires
-hesitations while driving, sensor is losing signal

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So I had a good idea last night:

Test the new cam and crank sensors by switching the crank to the cam and the cam to the crank, since they are supposedly the same exact sensor.

I switched them out and turned on my car. Check engine light comes on again so I checked the codes using the pedal trick. This time I get p0340!! Indicating a camshaft position sensor malfunction.

Now I am figuring that the 1st new sensor that I got is defective. Now to test that theory I put the original camshaft position sensor (the plastic one) back in.

Turned on the car, fired up right away no hard start this time. Also no check engine light! (for now).

After everything is said in done I believe that the new sensor that I got from O'reilly auto parts was in fact defective. I will attempt to take it back when I have time. It was a Factory Direct OEM part. The new duralast sensor that I got from AutoZone appears to be working fine.

Just hope I can find my receipt or that I don't need it.

Thanks a ton for your assistance everyone on B15sentra!!
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