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I wanna get everyone's opinion on this. This is not for my Sentra, it is for the Camry. I am trying to change the oil, but I am not too sure which to use.

The manual says that 5W-30 is "preferred"
It says that you CAN use 10W-30, but then it gives me a little chart.

For temperature range anticipated before next oil change:

Less than 100oF/38oC - use 5W-30 Preferred (below 0oF)
More than 0oF/-18oC - use 10W-30 (beyond 100oF)

I live in sunny miami and am about to go into summer. They days are about 80-90s. So should I use 5-30 "Preferred" or 10W-30? Considering the temperature. I bought 10W-30, but just realized this chart. What would you do?

Both oils are the same viscosity hot. The difference is how the oil behaves when it is cold. The 5W-30 will remain liquid in colder temps. than the 10W-30. If it doesn't get too cold in Florida..hehehe....You should be fine with the 10w-30.

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I'm in Baltimore and I've been using 5W-30 in all my cars since the mid 80's. Never had an engine related problem and never had an oil consumption problem.

Until my '99 Jetta that uses 2 qts. in between 5,000 mile changes.

And the owners manual calls for 10W-30 year 'round! FWIW, the VW 2.0L 4 cyl. is a junk motor.

If I were you, I'd use 5W-30. Both 10W & 5W are 30-weight oils in a warmed-up motor.

Just my 2 cents.

BTW, did you ever find it funny that Maryland is for crabs and Virginia is for lovers???
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