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getting rid of some parts in my basement, all parts are off my 04 Sentra Spec-v. All parts are OBO and shipping not included. i want them gone!

Stock Air box, no MAF. $25 + shipping

Stock Exhaust Mani, only 20-25,000 miles on it. Was replaced by nissan around 55,000 miles due to failure (engine replaced to :)) $35 + shipping

Wheel Bearing NEW still in box,front drivers side. Timken 510061 $39.99 new from autozone, i can do $25 + shipping

Hood, someone backed into it so there is a little damage. It does NOT rub the bumper where it is damaged and after 5 feet you can bairly notice, i only replaced because it was a friend who hit and would be pissed if i didnt use the insurance money to fix it (I just made us both happy and bought a CF hood :D). $50 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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