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I cut out soft drinks long ago unless I'm eating at a restaraunt, and replaced it with milk. Sure, its intended to make a small cow grow into a large one, but its still healty right?

Yeah, it is.... but the reason for cutting out my Mountain Dew was because of the sugar. Replacing 110 calories of soda with 140 calories of milk, plus another 90 for chocolate malt mix isn't quite what I expected until I finally looked at the labels. It seems that EVERY time I remove something from my diet, something else replaces it without me even knowing it! I think subconsciously my body notices the deficit and I consciously want something else to fill it, so I keep replacing it with something until I'm satisfied.

For a few weeks I actually drank nothing but water, but I ate more. When I forced myself to stop eating so much, I took up milk. Now I've got to cut it out and try to replace it withing something that doesn't have so many calories, but is still good. I tried fruit juice 100% stuff, but it gave me the ****s, not to mention it also is full of fructose.... I'm trying water again, but now I'm CONSTANTLY hungry.... so I've been eating a lot of fresh fruit.... BUT DAMN they're full of f'ing fructose!!!

Why does my damned tummy have to be so blasted smart? I used to eat bags and bags of rice cakes, but even when I was stuffed, I wasn't really satisfied. What the hell do you have to do to stop these cravings?

Oh yeah, I kinda went off my own topic.... what are some good low effort drinks? I LOVE tea, but only when its sweet :( Milk is great, but its full of lactose and fat (if I'm not mistaken, non-fat milk has more calories... or maybe it just has more lactose but less calories...) Water is awesome, but I can't satisfy myself with it. Soft drinks plain suck even though they taste good :) Maybe I'll go back to drinking 4 liters of diet sprite a day again like I did about 5 years ago.

Oh yeah, I currently average a gallon of vitamin D milk every two days.

Maybe its not the calories my body is craving... maybe its something in the food... I might need supplaments.
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