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well guys its come to this. due to a number of resons I cant mod my car anymore. I am going to still be here but probably not as much right now the only things I am going to do are
K&N drop in
Maybe a muffler
Mud gaurds
thinking maybe doing a little rally driving :)

well leave it at this

Best overall B15: sentra styling
Best cosmetic mods: chinoworld
Fastest: Darkside (chip shut up)
Senior: 2000se
Most luxary car looking: daivd
Biggest ricer: sinner lol jk man
Best GXE: Sentra_n00b
Up and Comer: Spicez
Best Signiture: Nismo_Girl_2001
Best hawaii car: Enemigo

well see ya around

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best hawaii car??? you forgettin somebody??? lol, jk. cosmetically, jose got it. imma post pics of my car when i finish my roll. still got 23 shots left.

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"Senior: 2000SE"

Uh.... shouldn't that say UtahJ? :D
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