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hi guys, if your Sentra has no interior lamp, rear window defogger, warning chimer, and remote key-less entry. check # 37 fuse in your engine bay fusible link. It is the room lamp fuse.
But in my case, the fuse is not blown at all.
Then you need to dig more into your smart entrance control unit(SECU).
The battery provides 12V power all the time through the #37 fuse.
1. Remove the lower left hand instrument panel.(two philips head screws.)
2. Remove two screws securing the data connector.
3. Remove the metal bracket supporting the lower left hand instrument panel.( 2X10mm bolt)
4. Remove another metal bracket.(10mm deep socket)
You will see the smart entrance control unit. two harnesses(black and white) go into the SECU.
5. Pop those harnesses out, using a flat head screw driver to push the connector.
6. Remove two 10mm bolts holding the SECU
7. check the terminal 10(purple wire) voltage on the white harness. I used a needle to push into the harness hole. then check the voltage by probing the needle.
Here is the terminal locations of the white harness. M38.
1 2 3 4 5 <> 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Terminal 10 should have 12V all the time. Mine was 0V, which means from the engine bay to this harness, the wire is broken somewhere.

8. Cut the pink wire. Use electrical tape cover the end coming from the battery. I bought a fuse tap kit from advance auto parts. Then through fuse # 12, i tap the battery power to the pink wire. Hey it works. Everything is back to normal.
If you want to use another fuse, just make sure, it has power all the time.

9. Use zip tie to make the wire secure and neat.

10. Put everything back in the reverse order.

11. Reprogram the keyless remote. (you can find the procedure by searching in this forum)

I hope this will help someone here. thanks

BY the way, if you need a Smart Entrance Control Unit, i have a spare one.
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