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NJ meet people coming from the SOUTH

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Ok all you guys coming from south of Burlinton County let me know. I figure I'll let you all see where I live and we can meet at me house. Email me for directions.
All you guys stuck in the middle, we'll get you somewhere.

Don't forget to reply to my other topic to let me know that your coming.

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Take Exit 5 off the Turnpike
That will be Rt. 541
There is a light right after the tolls.
You will see across the street over to the left a little a hotel Cracker Barrel and Applebee's.
We are all gonne meet in that area.
You go straight through the light.
The parking lot is the 1st left after the light.
AS soon as you turn into the parking lot make a right, it will look like a small parking lot. Park there. Thats it.

If anyone wants my cell # in case they get lost just ask.
I changed these directions.
We should all meet at 8:00. I figure we can wait around for a half hour or so. If anyone as any more questions just email me. Or if you are not coming on the turnpike and need different directions. See you all next weekend!!!


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Are you guys alive????????????????
Let me know your getting this.


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