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Here's a little history lesson on the SR20DE. The motor was designed in Japan with the intent that it would be a turbocharged motor. That is where we get the SR20DET. Ibelive this motor powered many Japan Nissan models suck as the Primera and some models of Silvias. They must have discovered the motor did pretty well sucking its own air too(or they designed it that way) so they just yanked off the turbo and they had an SR20DE. Anyway the SR20 was built to handle 200+hp that the turbo would require of it. It came with a forged steel crank and beefy connecting rods and yes, the end cap gurdle. The bottom end is considered bulletproof except in the most extreme cases 350hp+.

Now to the current model of the SR20. The motor went through the most extensive lightening and design changes the motor had ever been through in its 9 year life. The designers must have taken in to account that the American models were not turbos so they removed the gurdle and lightened the motor up a bit. However, the motor still retains a strong forged crank and beefy rods although to a somewhat lesser degree than its predecessor. I personaaly welcome the changes. The motor is lighter and a little more willing to spin. The only people that will miss some of the beef on the bottom end will be those who plan on making extreme power 250hp+.


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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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