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New Sentra

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Wow...I just picked up my sentra this past week, and i'm in love. After a fiasco with the radium SE I was looking at having some nasty scratches on it, I got a beautiful black SE with manual performance package and sunroof. Driving this around and getting to know my car has been incredible. Unfortunately i had to leave my car behinde when I came back to school...I have yet to decided if i miss my new car or my girlfriend more.

I'd like to thank everybody on this site for the information and resources that you guys provided me with that helped me make the decision on this car as the car for me.

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Right on. Welcome to the board! :) Feel free to ask any questions that come up. It's always nice to see another SE owner.

2001 SE, P/P, 5 spd Cloud White.
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I'm still in the " getting to know the car" mode too and am finding that I love the car more every time I drive it. I think that you will be very happy with your choice of ride. Welcome to the board :)

2001 SE, Radium, W/PP. 17% all around tint, Dark charcoal leather interior.
Well I've had my car for about 10 months now and I have to agree...that feeling hasn't worn off every time I drive it...I love my car!!!! :D
I have had my car since Feb 12,2001 and I spend so much time in it. I have already put almost 6000 miles on it. I just don't ever want to stop driving it lol. In the beginning I missed my civic a lot ,but yesterday I parked right next to it at a resturant it is was like , ah who cares. I love my Sentra so much now. I am trying to see if I can get a Stromung for it and I have my fingers crossed that somehow I can still get one. Then I am going to get a PRI CAI for it. I really miss the sound of a nicely tuned exhuast and the rust of the air going through the CAI. I can't wait to start modding this car. I had it for 1 day and I changed all the lights. And I made the custom grilles for it last weekend ,so I am on a role now and I just can't stop lol. Anyways ,Congrats on your new car. You will love it more and more as you break it in.

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