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nope, not a single problm at all amigo.

welcome to the site, im sure you will remain here for hours upon hours a day reading the wealth of info supplied by our family of sentra owners here.

DO NOT EXCEED 4,000 RPM DURING THE FIRST 1,000 MILES OF YOUR NEW CAR. it took me a while to find the post that i got that from.

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OH, i ride in a 2001 SE, color = Jaded, has the Super-Sized Performance-Package, 5 gears, why don't i have a gascap holder? plus its got 16 inch 6 spoke alloy wheels by O.E.M., and a small rubber Radio Shack issued antennae.
in da future i wanna a PR CAI, Stillen front-end, and a nice sexy exhaust note.
Here's my baby
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