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Hello all, thank you for a great forum, I have read many posts and information, in the past thank you for letting me be a part of this place.

Starting problem:
2001 Nissan Sentra SE 2.0 automatic

Car wouldn't start no crank, just the sound of fuel pump primeing and no crank, took to mechanic and started for him next day.
He check the battery and starter all came out good.

Last service we put in new battery. and a some sort of swtich because it was always getting stuck in park.

now car will not start no crank, I hear fuel pump primeing, lights work but do not dim or go out when I try to start car.

My guses:
1.igiintion switch
2.Starter relay
3. Soleonid

Any way to test this items to rule out one or other? where is the starter relay?, firelwall,

Another problem we are have is the fan motor only works on high, i don't think this related at all.


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welcome aboard!

you can follow the fsm diagnostics, it seems your starter isnt getting power, or intermittent power. the starter draws right from the battery, so its either battery or stater. follow the fsm so you know which relays to check, from the sounds of it, you have power if you hear the fuel pump, which means you need to see where power isnt getting to, its supposed to reach the starter.

as for your fan only working on high, you need to replace the blower motor resistor, its like under the glove box, near the passenger feet area.
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